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Initial Consultation

I request that all potential clients meet with me for a free 30 minute initial consultation in order for you to gather information, see the space, and connect. Then you can determine whether or not the services I offer align with your needs. Please feel free to bring questions!


Individual Client Session

Art-making is often (but not always) used in sessions to help unlock valuable personal insights that talking alone can miss. It helps by surfacing unconscious patterns, revealing underlying issues, and bypassing certain filters we all have. Art-making also allows for personal exploration, self-expression, and helps build self-esteem. Having said all of that, you do not need to have any type of formal training or advanced skills to participate! It is more about the process than the quality of the product.


Individual sessions can include help for dealing with trauma, but if you are looking to focus on this, you will find that the 3 hour extended sessions will be the most effective. This can be discussed during your free consultation.


Intensive Sessions

As an Instinctual Trauma Response-Certified Trauma Specialist (ITR-CTS), I offer 3 hour intensive sessions. Nearly every human being has experienced some sort of trauma. Though it is typically associated with war, physical or sexual abuse, and natural disasters, trauma can also develop from witnessing violence, going through a painful divorce, experiencing bullying, or having stressful medical experiences. The bottom line is, if you are still experiencing intense reactions to present day (non life threatening) situations, you may be reacting from past unresolved trauma. Intensive sessions using the ITR can help to minimize triggers and help promote healing in a relatively short period of time. To see a comparison of the ITR to other approaches, click here: 

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